Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ollie has found the best spot in the house. It is the clementine box on top of the kitchen radiator. In the summer it's a great spot to keep watch for any squirrels or birds that may enter the territory, but in winter...mmmmmm...nice and warm and cozy.
I just love those paws!

A Hat for L.

Good luck to my friend L. who starts chemotherapy soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's been a blue summer.

Somehow all of my current projects are in the blue family.
There's the sweater for Aunt G, and yes, I did make a mistake, but if you can't find it I'm not telling. Heh, heh, I love mohair! This pattern is a cabled tunic from Vogue Knitting designed by John Brinegar. It's a great pattern and has been an enjoyable knit. I think I need one of these after I finish G's. Yes, hers MUST come first since she's been waiting for so long. This was a gift for her major milestone birthday. Now the next major milestone birthday is coming up and she still doesn't have her mohair sweater. Oh, well. I'm hoping to suprise her for Christmas.

Then there's this. I fell in love with the colors at the Lorna's Laces warehouse sale and decided that a sweater was needed. I had one pattern, but not enough yarn, then I saw Roam by Laura Chau and I thought I'd give it a try. I don't know though, I hope I don't develop project driven blindness where I'm making something so godforsakenly hideous and fugly but that I can't tell becuase I have my head in the pattern. So what do you think? Be brutally honest, or I'll wear it when I see you in public and brag very loudly about how I made it myself and YOU were such great support because you love it, too!

Should I keep going or frog it?

Then there's this. The scarf for Tammy. At our knit night at Arcadia Knitting we all decided we liked Gossamer Stars by Kat Coyle, so we decided to do a knit-a-long, but we would knit another person's scarf. We had a lovely cast on party, hosted by the impeccable and talented B. and S. the knitting that night was ridiculous becuase we hadn't bothered to pre-read the pattern and we were all flustered because it's not easy to start a chart when you're having fun, and a giant schnauzer wants either your yarn, attention, love, or gallbladder. This is for my best friend T. Poor B. she's making mine and it's black, sorry.

Sadly, I have to go to the LYS to get some very, very, soft yarn for my friend L. who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm going to make her a sleep cap, because I've heard that your head can be very cold at night. Her chemo starts on the 27th, so her hat comes first.