Monday, November 26, 2012

Oriental Rugs

I took a rug into be cleaned and repaired recently, (a pretty little, old Persian rug) and while at the amazing Minasian Rug showroom a rug was being repaired. I was fascinated!

I wish I could explain the process, but I didn't ask many questions, I was just mesmerized.

The repairs were amazing and skillful, and the tools were quite simple.
I think they told me the dyes were all natural, they look it.

My children even like to see the amazing rugs they have for sale and on display. 
The staff are incredibly knowledgeable, and they have very high quality rugs.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Wonky Whale

A gift for a surprise baby shower, featuring all types of critters, so I knitted this guy.
Brown Sheep, Lamb's Pride Superwash yarn. Size 4? needles.
Okay, it was looking a lot like a tadpole or a bomb here.
With the white belly, but still not whale-ish.
Well, whale!
My modified tail and fins.
Here he is! This is the glamour shot by the way.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Vogue Knitting Live

This year Vogue Knitting Live came to Chicago for the first time. It was awesome!
The marketplace was fantastic, and I ran into so many knitting friends and luminaries!
First I saw Ysolda Teague! (I was too stunned to kinnear her).
By the time I saw the Yarn Harlot, I was ready (not that I was technically adept...)
Really, it IS Stephanie Pearl-McPhee!

Oh, that's better. Stephanie and Maureen O'Wool.
Josh Bennet on his way to the jello wrestling match with Franklin Habit. 
"The Nancy"
Josh Bennett and Franklin
+ Steven Be
Narrow aisles packed with all kinds of goodies!
Beautiful isn't it, now where did I write the name of this pattern...?
Sam from the awesome Wool Dispensary - gorgeous, gorgeous yarn to be had from The Wool Dispensary! 
I am looking forward to next year!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Circus Girl Gets Her Socks

Circus Girl socks. 
Opal Rainforest 6 ply in Schmetterling
She has wider heels than circus boy, so I improvised a simple stockinette heel.
Circus girl socks being modeled at dinner.
Oh yeah, she is a contortionist..that is her foot behind her head.