Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Wonky Whale

A gift for a surprise baby shower, featuring all types of critters, so I knitted this guy.
Brown Sheep, Lamb's Pride Superwash yarn. Size 4? needles.
Okay, it was looking a lot like a tadpole or a bomb here.
With the white belly, but still not whale-ish.
Well, whale!
My modified tail and fins.
Here he is! This is the glamour shot by the way.


Marcy said...

This guy is so cute! I once made up a song about an orca -- just a silly thing...when I hung around the ocean a lot.

I wish I could remember the whole thing...but the only line that comes to mind is:

Who has teeth that look like spikes?
It's a killer whale! Yikes!

A :-) said...