Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Okay, where was I?

Oh yeah, The Windy City Knitting Guild and I went to Yarn Con
What? Never heard of Yarn Con? It is an awesome local indie dyer/producer fiber fest.
Did I mention that it is really awesome?
Natalia, one of the amazing masterminds of Yarn Con, and me

The Windy City Knitting Guild had a great spot for our table, and of course we brought our lovely "spokesmodel" Maureen O'Wool.
How do you like our new banner?

The main room with a lot of vendors, isn't it a lovely room?
Another view of the main room.
Maureen continues to develop...
Hanging out with the guild.       

We had a visitor stop by, our new friend Mr. Nubbins and his friend, the very talented Stefanie.

Mr. Nubbins got up close and personal with Maureen.

Mr. Nubbins checking out our table.
Jackpot! He found the candy bowl!
 It was a great year at Yarn Con, we had a lot of visitors and we are really looking forward to next year.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Kimono, obi, obi age and obi jime for recital, option #1.

Kimono, obi and obi age for recital, option #2. Will wear with gold/silver obi jime.
This time of year is very busy. The dance recital is Columbus day weekend, so I am catching up a bit here. There is a lot of prep work, and scenery and prop making that happens beforehand.

These are the kimono I selected to wear, I couldn't decide and since it's recital my sensei gets the final say. The kimono I wear for dance events tend to be on the dark side because I often have to be a koken (assistant on stage), and you cannot upstage the dancer. In Japan they wear all black, but I don't have everything in all black. I also MC as well as koken, so for that I need a bit more color.

So which one did I wear?

What on earth was I looking at?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Congratulations to Annemor Sundbo!

Congratulations to Annemor Sundbø!!!
This is an incredible recognition of Annemor's contribution to the preservation of Norway's knitting history and culture. She will now receive a state stipend, one of two stipends awarded this year.
(via Google Translate)
Annemor Sundbø is today considered one of the nation's foremost experts work in this country. The textile designer from Setesdal was actually the led to the Minister's office in Oslo under the pretext of showing a foreign state guest Norwegian knitting traditions, writes
Instead, she was given the news that she was in Thursday's budget as the first knitting awarded state grant.