Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Now What?

It was bad enough when the doctor said not to drink black tea (Irish Breakfast), 
which was my favorite; I drank a couple of pots a day.
It was comforting and soothing and social, and delicious.

But now...I have tennis elbow!
No knitting!!! No swimming! Ouch.

Sigh, and there is more, so much more, that is so not good right now.

It has got to get better, it will get better, soon.

Monday, March 23, 2015

In the Right Hands

This is about some yarn leftover from the making of this hat (more about the hat here), for my dear friend T. who succumbed to cancer. T. and I met while training to work with children. She was far more experienced than I, and had an amazing knowledge, warmth, and kindness. 
I held onto this bit of yarn, and couldn't bear to part with the leftovers.

The children I work with nap during the day, and as I sit with them, I knit. Some of them are mesmerized by the movements and the yarn, and one day, I offered a child a piece of yarn to play quietly with, soothing himself with the wooly strand. The next day, I had a basket of strands for all of the children to choose from, if they so desired. The yarn became my trademark, and my coworker jokingly accused me of treating the children like cats. Not a problem, I love cats. 

Basket of yarn and knit finger-puppets.

Going through my stash, I sorted out odds and ends, and I came upon these leftovers. I quickly stuffed them in the bag for school, before I talked myself out of keeping the yarn. Later at school, I debated whether to take the yarn home, because it was so special...and then I realized, this is where this yarn is meant to be, in the hands of children, in memory of my dear friend T.