Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Friend T. and the Need for FIRE!

Hat#1 in Colinette Cadenza, Fire colorway

"T. received a second beautifully and intricately knitted hat from Joan (president of the Chicago knitwits association).  T.’s first one – her favorite amongst all the many knitted hats she received – was swallowed up by the laundry monster, with no trace of remains.  She was too embarrassed to ask for another.  I was not.  She wears it like hair."
This is from T's blog which has chronicled her life since her shocking diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and subsequent treatments and illnesses. She is an amazing woman, and I think so very highly of her, so I knit her a little hat. I hadn't seen a photo in a while, and I wasn't sure if she was still wearing hats (perhaps they were too hot, or uncomfortable). I know her family was completely overwhelmed - her husband and family have been beyond amazing. Recently there was a mention of her baldness and so I sent another hat - and then found out about the first hat I sent!
T. is going through another traumatic process now, and will be on dialysis for life. I would knit the world for her if she asked, and I really wish I could knit her some new kidneys that function without flaw. 
What I can do is knit her a new hat to replace the old one, and knit in all the good thought and hopes that were in the last one, and that I will do gladly.

Anyone know a source for Colinette Cadenza in Fire?


A :-) said...

Joan - found it on eBay - it's from the UK, though, but they have three skeins of it.

Fujiyamamama said...

Thank you! I found a place in Oregon that had it.