Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quincy Hat

I fell in love with this Jared Flood design the first time I saw it. My friend M. made it and I tried it on and knew I had to make one. I had a bunch of Lamb's Pride Bulky leftover from a Fairly Easy and nearly finished Fair Isle, and I really wanted to use some of that. 
I wasn't sure about making it striped - even though I do love stripes.
I was at a Windy City Knitting Guild meeting, and our resident "Knit Doctor" Judy Chan was showing some fabulous garter stitch jacket she made and noted that on one side the garter stitch colors striped, but then if you looked at the reverse they were dots of color.

My models were at camp so I had to do a self portait.
Hey, there's a hole there! I hadn't noticed that before! I'll have to fix that...er..sometime before winter.
I think it's a bit big. Some of us are a bit fuzzy on the concept of gauge, and swatch sometimes.

Hat origami!

See how the garter stripes and then looks like dots? That is where I added a knit row so that I didn't have it happen on the outside of the hat, and I think it actually worked.
The Quincy hat has a twist in the crown, and hat would pose a problem for garter stripes. Then I realized I could throw in an extra knit row in the twist - halfway - and the stripes would be consistent. Ta daa!
Now I'm not sure how much I like the hat, but it's mine, and I'm happy, I actually made a hat for me!
This has been finished for a while, but I never got around to photographing it and then blogging until now.

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