Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cat Bordhi


Cat Bordhi is a knitting genius. She is utterly amazing. I took a weekend workshop with her (courtesy of the Windy City Knitting Guild) and I don't think I will ever look at a knitting pattern in quite the same way.

I have to admit, I was not too enthusiastic about the workshop. I mean I like to knit socks, and I love good designs, but I'd found the square heel and I was loving it and that's that. I don't need weird to make a sock worth knitting and from the photos I'd seen, I was just, meh.

Class started with some sock diagrams, and she used a wonderful large sock as a sample for talking about sock parts. Cat was so organized and had a well thought out presentation. She also had excellent handouts that were very well designed, clear and concise.

Our first knitting was a knitted bowl to practice Cat's clever short row "non-heel"- that alone was worth it's weight in gold! That was fun! We used Judy Becker's Magic Cast On, and Cat's Wrap & Turns, and then the awesome short row technique.
(Links are to Cat's You Tube videos)

Leftover Noro Silk Garden

Then we moved onto a baby sock, with a garter stitch toe. There is no right way to make it, that it is absolutely the knitter's choice. She had so many tricks and tips, I hope my brain absorbed most of it. Some of it was just simple common sense if you had taken the time to wonder how to improve the "proven" methods.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted in Sherbet

Her socks were amazing. Photos do NOT do them justice. Trust me.

If you ever hear that Cat is teaching, sign up immediately, it will change how you approach your knitting and really help you think and analyze what you do and what you want to do.

Did I mention that Cat Bordhi is a genius?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Deadline Knitting Coming Up Again!

Next time I have a slump, just remind me to hurry up and knit for myself because a rush of deadline knitting is hurling itself my way SOON!

1. baby sweater -
overdue, baby's here, I'm knitting size 12 mos.

2. Star Wars mittens -
for birthday party tomorrow, not even on needles yet, but hey, it's not even winter

3. baby sweater and blanket for my cousin's first baby -
that means extra special and I'm really excited about this

I'm sure there is more that I am conveniently forgetting, you know like selective hearing, this is selective memory.

Time for a cat photo, I've got so much knitting to do!

Sweet Rosie, our friend J. found her in a cemetery in the winter

Friday, May 14, 2010

Knitted Items Requested

The slump is over.

I am being forced out of my slump by a baby sweater. D. requested a sweater for a co-worker who just had a baby. I grilled him before I agreed, it's imperative to make sure they appreciate hand knitting.

Super-Natural Stripes by f.pea

I bought the yarn at the Lorna's Laces Warehouse sale. It's a lovely mix of blues, the skeins are very different so I need to alternate the skeins which is a bit of a pain but not too bad. The yarn feels very nice. Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Wool is great for babies, because it's wool, and machine washable and the colors, oh, the colors.

I have had to rip it out a few times, lulled by the feel of the yarn and knowing it's stockinette...

WAIT! Did I miss the reverse stockinette row???? AGAIN?!!! grumble, rip, grumble.
It's okay, I just get to knit it again. Don't worry, I'm knitting it for a size 12 mos. so even at the rate I'm knitting it will still fit.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Slump

There are some pretty simple knits in my knitting bag at the moment, but I have a bad case of knitting inertia. I can't get anything done.

Socks for D. v2 - barely a row per day on the dreaded heel

Petrie - for crying out loud it's straight stockinette! I might get 3 rows a day done.

River rapids socks - I haven't even finished the ribbing!

This is why I never knit for myself. When I don't have a deadline looming I just stop sometimes.
If you see my knitting mojo, can you send it back my way?