Friday, May 21, 2010

Deadline Knitting Coming Up Again!

Next time I have a slump, just remind me to hurry up and knit for myself because a rush of deadline knitting is hurling itself my way SOON!

1. baby sweater -
overdue, baby's here, I'm knitting size 12 mos.

2. Star Wars mittens -
for birthday party tomorrow, not even on needles yet, but hey, it's not even winter

3. baby sweater and blanket for my cousin's first baby -
that means extra special and I'm really excited about this

I'm sure there is more that I am conveniently forgetting, you know like selective hearing, this is selective memory.

Time for a cat photo, I've got so much knitting to do!

Sweet Rosie, our friend J. found her in a cemetery in the winter

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Marcy said...

Your cat photos are very comforting to me.