Friday, May 16, 2008

Work in progress

The Swallowtail is going slowly. I'm nearly done with the Budding Lace portion, but I'm dreading the rest of it. I have to finish by June, do you think I'll make it? Probably not, if I don't get going soon!

Fetching. The second pair I've made. These were in Dream in Color Smooshy. It's lovely yarn, but I was shocked the ombre pooled! I think they look fine, and will give them as planned. I modified the pattern - I added a repeat to the wrist and the end.
Having made them twice, I'm a bit tired of these now. They are quick and easy gift, so perhaps the fall will have me digging up the pattern again.

I always thought that fingerless mitts/gloves were pretty useless, but since making them I have learned otherwise. They are very cozy. I probably won't knit them for myself, I didn't even have a scarf for myself this year and my hat was machine made. Oh, well. I like to share the joy of my handknitting even if that means I don't get to wear it!

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