Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Argyle Fiber Mill

Brenda, Lisa and I had to check out the Argyle Fiber Mill in Argyle, WI. Thankfully Brenda blogged about her yarn and reminded me that I wanted to blog about Argyle Fiber Mill.

Every 4th of July brings us into Wisconsin, and C#1 and C#2 almost always require a trip to The Toy Train Barn so I knew that Argyle was right there. It's a cute little town, and the fiber mill is really cool! The mill is in the back, and in front is a really cozy yarn shop with some Cascade and some other commercial yarns, and then the gorgeous Fifty Mile Fiber. They also have some really wonderful in house patterns available.

This is my Fifty Mile Fiber House Blend, and I think it is just begging for some cables. I have to find a worthy pattern, but I'm kind of thinking about the Urban Aran Cardigan by Jared Flood (he is so talented). What do you think?

Just check out this yarny goodness. Mmmmmm.
It's even better in person.

Mmmmmm....Icelandic wool, alpaca, and llama...
and the color is a yummy shade of cocoa with just the right amount of milk.

It was pretty serendipitous finding out about the Argyle Fiber Mill. I met Elizabeth at our high school reunion (it was a huge school, the graduating class had 980 people in it). I didn't know her in high school so I had no idea she was such a talented knitter/designer/fiber gal.


Marcy said...

Wonderful! I wish I'd been there.

Brenda said...

Love that cardigan pattern!