Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ponytail Hat

I just cast on yesterday. While home with the flu I thought I'd try to quickly knit some of those simple projects that I hadn't really had time to knit. H's hat is one of those, and if I owe you mittens, I promise you will get them at some point, really, really S, the girls will get mittens one

Back to the hat. I bought some Cleckheaton Merino Supreme a while back, because it was the perfect color. Can you tell by the progress I made that I am loving this yarn? It's nice and squooshy and springy and soft...mmmmm. The hat is going quickly, maybe I'll try to finish tonight and then let it languish for a few months while I search for the perfect buttons. That would be the kind of thing that I would do.

P.S. While looking up a link for this lovely yarn, I have found out that it has sadly been discontinued. What a shame.

(Camera cable nowhere to be found, sorry no photos. I'll check with the Cs and see if they've been using the cable!) Found it!

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