Saturday, May 14, 2011

Papa Y.

Another death, also not entirely unexpected, but this one is just as difficult. 
When I am in Japan, the Y. family always treats me with such kindness and generosity, and has always treated me like a member of the family.
Papa Y. and I always got along so well, even before I could communicate adequately in Japanese, our gestures and minimal language served us well and helped establish our relationship.
He had such tremendous energy and was an amazing man.

播州電装 取締役会長 米田興一は、かねてから病気療養中でしたが、
5月12日 77歳にて永眠しました。

米田家・播州電装株式会社 合同葬

    葬儀委員長  総務グループ長  仁井 聖史
    喪   主  長男       米田 昭彦


A :-) said...

Joan - I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sorry for your loss, particularly as it is so close upon the first.

jpknits said...

So sorry for your loss - for each loss. Will be thinking of you with care during these difficult times.