Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Button Bands, Again and Other Issues

The bane of my knitting, well, those and heels. I'm knitting this cute little striped sweater, Little Coffee Bean Striped Sweater, and I have finished the body, and sleeves, and now it's time to knit the d*mned button bands. To start with I never, ever, remember which side is which for who? 
Girls right? Boys left? But wait, which side is right? What? 
Will the baby notice, or complain, or look at me with that disapproving side eye glance? Nah.

Okay, so onto pick up and knit the button band, thankfully Elizabeth Smith of the Brown Stitch wrote in the pattern ( and shockingly I even read this part!) to pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows - she specifically wrote that you "pick up and knit 3 and then skip 1"!!!!! How simple is that, and why on earth was it so challenging to me to figure out how to do that? Not anymore, thank you Elizabeth Smith!

Now, I did say there were other issues. Ahem. When you knit stripes in the round you get a bit of a jog. You can yank the previous color's last stitch tightly and that helps eliminate the jog but you do get a bit of a "seam" like line. So, I am knitting along and I looked and I was so impressed and amazed by my knitting skills and all around rock stardom because Whoa! I managed to get rid of the "seam". 

Oh, yeah! I am so awesome!

Uh. Except that I didn't. Huge fail, I merely screwed up enough to move the "seam" elsewhere - AND Bonus Fail, see that nice little grey stripe that just pops in out of nowhere.
Oh CRAP! What did I do?
 Oh well. I will have to frog the sleeve back and re-knit it. It's just knitting and nobody got hurt - the pride gets a slight abrasion sometimes though.

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florapie said...

Oh come on, the baby will be so cute nobody will notice the odd stripe! At least block the sleeves to see if you can make them look better before you frog. Great colour choice!