Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Kimono Selection

Here are some photos from when it was time to choose kimono for the weekend.
I now have a good selection of summer items and wanted to wear them. 
The weather was not supposed to be too hot, which was good, but summer kimono are supposed to look cool and not stifling no matter what the temperature.
Maybe. This is a really cool, very open weave obi with a tiger stripe woven into it.
The pattern on this obi is very strong, not sure if it works here.

Love this obi. Very pretty, subtle pattern, trying to see if this works with a black kimono, but no. Too funereal - and to the ojisan that told me my black kimono was for a funeral - NO, not when you are wearing a bright gold obi!
Not a great photo, but this is pretty much what I decided on, R - L Friday - Sunday.
Friday night...
Here it is, fuzzy photo, but that's all there is.

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