Monday, September 17, 2012

Kimono Basics

I wear a kimono about 7 times a year. I always keep my kimono suitcase packed up just in case. After every time I wear kimono, all of the undergarments and some of the kimono get washed,
most of them ironed, and then re-packed so that everything is ready for the next time. 
As I was sorting items out I thought it might be interesting to show what goes into the suitcase.

Tabi and stockings
Stockings so that if your leg shows it is white, pretty similar to knee high stockings except that these have a stirrup and are foot and toeless and tabi go over them. The tabi in this photo are fairly new and clean (they get so stained from the dirty floors here), and feature 4 kohaze tabs to close the tabi. They are woven cotton, although my favorites are actually with 5 kohaze and lined with flannel. 
Alas, this is what someone bought me, and so I wear them.
Tabi with 4 kohaze
Hada Juuban - undershirt. Made of loosely woven cotton, with eyelet lace edged 3/4 ish sleeves. This gets tied with either a self attached belt or a himo or strings/belts.
Hada juuban
My Hello Kitty bag of himo. The one outside of the bag is my lucky himo.
Naga juuban - undergarment. 
This goes over the hada juuban and has a stiffened collar which is an important element when wearing a kimono.
This is tied on with a himo, and the sleeves match the length of the kimono sleeves. 
I usually use han naga juuban with an okoshi, basically a 2 piece version that is more versatile. The pink collar can be removed and replaced, it has to be sewn on - thank you O. san!

Kimono, obi, obi age, and obi jime selection for a fall event. Dark because that is what is required for the event.

Just a quick basic post with some basic kimono pieces - not intended to be comprehensive!

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