Saturday, October 4, 2014

Handknit Socks and Planning Ahead...Oh, Never Mind

Remember these? Oh, yeah, I don't post very often anymore, so probably not...

The yarn was great to knit with, and the resulting fabric was exactly what I wanted in a sock. The gusset on the sole was inspired by the extraordinarily talented turtlegirl
and gave the socks a nice heel hugging fit.

A bit shorter length than I like, but not bad.

A tiny bit long in the foot, how did I do that?

Dutch square heel, my favorite fitting heel.

SO, despite all of these elements I didn't love these socks. The colors were just not me.

While I was still working on these socks my coworker SB spotted them and LOVED them. She tried one on, and it fit her perfectly. Upon completion, I asked the fabulous SB to try the just finished pair of socks on for a photo...and she commented that she would not be giving them back. 

That's fine SB, because they do belong to you.

Sometimes knitting is just like that, the project chooses it's recipient.

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