Friday, January 9, 2009

Ollie, and some other rambling, again.

Ollie, taking a very nice sun bath the other day.

He's getting so loooooooooong. Look how he curls his tail up, and has exposed his soft and fluffy belly (that means he is feeling secure and safe).

We may be getting another kitty. A couple of months ago I found Cookie in our backyard. He's mostly white with tan, and he's very chatty and VERY affectionate. He's a winner, although any cat that finds our house is usually a winner. A winner of the cat lottery. Our friend, R, always says that in his next life he wants to come back as one of our pets. My mom may take Cookie, but her crumbly old kitty may not like that very much. We want Cookie. 4 cats are a lot, but Cookie is our kind of kitty, very dog like in behavior and really interactive. Cookie and Ollie have been playing footsies under the door, I think they'd make a dynamic duo. We'll see.

I took these photos the other day when it was sunny and warm(er). Right now it's -6.7F with a wind chill of -23F.


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Barb said...

That Ollie is a cute kitty. Though when I get around to posting an Obligatory Cat on My Blog post, I'm afraid my Mitzie will give him a run for his money. ;-)