Monday, April 27, 2009

Mo Mohair

I am about 1/4 of the way done on the front of the mohair monster. It's moving much faster now, and I still do enjoy knitting it. The mohair is really drying my hands though.

The thing that kills it for me is having to sit with a chart to knit. I can't stare off into space then check my knitting and decide it looks okay, or needs x number of rows more (or less). I have to sit and watch, I know the pattern, but I forget to count sometimes and I know it's better for me to keep track with my chart. Oh, well.

Did I tell you that my mom wants one of these, too?

No photos, I'm too tired. Besides, last post I gave you an awesome go watch that again if you need to have a visual.

P.S. I bought my plane tickets for Sock Summit! Are you going?

1 comment:

Marcy said...

I won't be going to sock summit, but I'll make sure that no trip to Chicago coincides with those dates :)