Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Favorite Soap

This is my favorite soap in the world.

My first bar was sent to me by my friend TY, after a trip to Italy. I loved the soap and loved the box, too. My local smelly soap store started carrying my favorite soap, and I was thrilled! It is a bit pricey though and I cannot justify buying it for myself on a regular basis.

For the past few years I have hinted and asked, reminded, expressed disappointment, but I have never been given any of it until this Christmas. D (my husband) and C#1 and C#2 were at the above mentioned smelly soap store (which is really so much more than that, and I truly love it, but for this story that's all you need to know) doing some last minute shopping. Luckily, they ran into my best friend T (TS not TY) who promptly marched them over to the favorite soap and told them how much I loved this soap and what a fantastic gift it would make.

I got a bar for Christmas, and as soon as I needed some new soap in the shower I unwrapped my favorite soap and was so pleased to have it. Well, D & I have our own soaps in the shower, we like different fragrances and textures, so we each have our own. You know where this is headed don't you? Yes, he used about 1/2 of my beloved soap. I had been showering at the Y after swimming and hadn't showered at home to notice it's gradual demise. Why did he do it? He couldn't find any of the 100 other bars of soap in the cabinet, and it's just soap. Yes, I went ballistic.

T pitied my favorite soap situation and thoughtfully bought me a new bar (and a soap box to secretly stash it away).

Guess what I got for Mother's Day?

Let's look at those lovelies again...

P.S. It's not just me, right D?

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Marcy said...

Man, now I want to find that soap!