Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Noro,

First, thank you for producing such truly amazing yarns. Second, please forgive me. I know that colors are chosen through a very thoughtful and careful process, I read the booklet that is available and very informative. I understand that colors don't always"match" in a Japanese aesthetic, but I had to do it.

(That's Cupcake's tail and butt in the photo)

It's true. I'm sorry. I mucked with the order of colors in my skeins. I even edited. I knit a Noro striped, ribbed scarf, and after completion I even cut it apart and mucked around with it some more. I like my version better.

The knitting gods are still on your side though. My grafting was not the best, it's really fiddly grafting a live edge and then a bottom edge that was unraveled and I had to fudge in some spots.

I still like my scarf, and this is mine too!

I saved all of my leftovers and edits, and I spliced them together rewound them. I think they look pretty good too.

Thank you!


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Batty said...

Nice work! Mr. Noro should be proud of his disciple -- you did a great job cutting and pasting yarn.

Bonne Marie said...

I Like! I think it is brilliant that you did it your way and had the spine to graft it the way you wanted it :)