Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Where are the socks I made for myself?

Well, I quickly finished the first sock, and couldn't wait to stuff my foot into the thing (I felt like Cinderella), and it was too small (then I felt like the ugly stepsister). Grrrrrr. I should have made one more repeat on the foot. So I took the sock off and put it and it's toe-less mate into time out.

My first reaction? "Oh, well, (not really, but let's keep it clean here) who should I give these too?"

The thought of any frogging or ripping was so entirely unappealing that I thought I'd rather give them away. Yes, I snapped out of it. I just finished knitting the second sock, and it's waiting for a kitchener stitch up. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for some decent photos tomorrow, assuming I kitchener tomorrow sometime...the thought of tackling the toe, blech.

It's not that I really mind doing kitchener, I think it's quite fabulous. I don't know, something about the toe has just lost my interest, I mean it's a sock toe.

The other project that will soon be in need of kitchener is my 2x2 rib 2 color Noro scarf.

Wait a minute, scarves like that don't need kitchener! Um, well....they do when you've knit the darn thing - the whole thing and realize you don't like the grey & brown grey section in the middle and decide to cut it out and reknit it with hot pink and brown grey and then you need to kitchener the sucker together again. It would have been great to photograph the whole ridiculous progress, but ...ummm, just use your imagination. Yeah, it'll boost your creativity. Yeah.

Mohair? Huh? I think I have some knitting attention issues.

edited to add some photos.

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Marcy said...

Let's see pics of the Mohair in progress! You can do it!!!
GO! Go! Go!