Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Knittin' for myself

Sounds like something Billy Idol should be singing, huh?

Okay, I never knit for myself. I have knit sweaters, scarves, socks, mittens, etc. for almost everybody - and let's leave Aunt G. out of this please - but I very rarely knit for myself. Here's how it works, I knit something, I like it, but as I'm knitting someone LOVES it and I know it would be perfect for them, and I give it to them upon completion. I know I can always knit myself another, and I know they'll (usually) appreciate the knitted item.

Right know I have a sweater that I knit myself, and that will be headed out to Salvation Army soon because it really does not suit me. That's it. No mittens, no scarf, no hat, no socks for me and by me. The items I do have that are handknit have been given to me because my fellow knitters cannot believe how ridiculous it is to not own any of the items listed. J. made me some cool socks and a hat, B. gave me a scarf, I bought my mittens from Nancy Bush...

guess what?

Yep. The Mystery Socks.

I am all caught up and the clue for the toes comes out tonight.

Tomorrow at this time but hopefully a bit earlier, I will have knit myself a pair of socks.


...then it's back to knitting for everybody else.

Assuming the weather is okay I'll post a photo tomorrow.


jpknits said...

Congratulations! A well-earned knitting indulgence.

Marcy said...

Now I'm hearing Billy Idol in my head.

I used to never knit for myself, but it became an emotional necessity after children. I had to have something nice I didn't have to share.

I can hardly wait to see your socks!