Saturday, October 17, 2009


I went to YarnCon today with my friend M. It is a lovely fiber show and sale in Chicago in a really beautiful old Chicago Park District building. I saw many friends, and met some new people, okay, I know, you just want to see the goodies...

This gorgeous stuff is by Halftone Yarns.
75% wool, 25% nylon, machine wash, 462 yds. 100gm

I love that it looks like a favorite pair of faded and broken in jeans, and let me tell you this is the softest stuff around. So soft, so this will be for socks for me.

Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn
100% merino superwash, 350 yds, 100gm

L - Christmas Lights, R- Cranberry

The colors on these yarns are amazing. My friend M. kept picking up more skeins and I had to stop looking because I was really tempted to buy more...

I also bought a really nice smelling bar of oatmeal and honey flavored goat milk soap, mmmm, and I bought a Pattern Tamer. Pattern Tamers are the greatest thing, magnetic ribbon strips for keeping your place in a chart. Much better than a Post-It! I can never find my smallest Pattern Tamer, so I bought an extra.

That's it. Hope you are having a great weekend!


Batty said...

YarnCon. Oh, boy. That's awesome. And your haul is beautiful. I've never been to a fiber show of any sort because I'd be driving off with a moving truck full of brand new stash.

Marcy said...

I'm jealous! How fun!