Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stash Mystery Sock

I couldn't resist. It was broken down so perfectly into 5 very easy steps, and then at the end you have a lovely sock. No idea of what it will really look like, but given the track record of the awesome designer, I think it's a safe bet that it'll be lovely.

Of course I had appropriate yarn in my stash. I grabbed this beautiful Dream in Color Smooshy that T. bought for me at the DIC mill end sale, and I hesitated for a moment, thinking that perhaps that color was better for a shawl or wrap or something else that might never actually materialize and fulfill it's knitterly destiny as a perfect knitted project...forget it. There will be more lovely yarn in my life and this would make some really gorgeous socks. I wound it up before I had a chance to talk myself out of it... I love it. I am so glad I used it.

It's got a bit of sparkle which doesn't show up in the photo, and sadly will wash out. That's why it was a mill end I guess.

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