Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This weekend I took a class with Franklin Habit called "Photographing your Fiber". Franklin was so nice, and so much fun, if you have the opportunity to take a class with him I highly recommend it.

The room was beautiful, and the lighting was perfect, and I had time and space and voila! I learned how to turn off the dreaded flash on my point and shoot camera, and had a reminder of some of the photo skills I knew, but conveniently ignored. I really wanted to try to photograph my beloved Noro scarf, because it is really hard to get a decent photograph of that thing, between the colors and then trying to capture a representation of the variegated yarns.

Ready? Lots of photos...

Well, what do you think?


Barb said...

I like 'em! I too JUST figured out how to turn the flash off of my camera. I've only had or six years now. Shhh. I wish we had more of that "natural light" stuff people keep talking about. Do you have much of that where you are?

Marcy said...

Beautiful! Do you feel the colors are true? Nice!
Each time I have met Franklin, I have been impressed at what a genuinely nice guy he is. I kind of wish he was Bea's uncle. She has got a lot of nice uncles, but none with his knitting skills.