Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Necessary Evil

Sock heels. I am not particularly fond of knitting heels - but no, no tube socks for me. That just reeks of the groovy pair I wore growing up in the '70's. Purple stripes were my favorite, thank you very much. Blech.

Heels. I don't like short row heels, they never work out that well for me. I sat next to the awesome J. in a Heel class by Heather Ordover at Sock Summit, and she had the most gorgeous short row heels...check out this Rav link. They were most perfect short row heels I have ever seen!

Since I am fairly new to sock knitting, I'm still working out the mechanics of socks and not comfortable enough to improvise and muddle through changes until they work. I also have very flapper like feet. A very narrow heel and then much wider at the ball of the foot.

At the Heel class we tried on various heels to see which shape fit our feet best. I fell in love with the square or dutch heel. Heather didn't have the numbers worked out for toe-up, which is how I prefer to knit socks - you know some of that skein insecurity there - and I knew I wasn't up for the challenge.

Using my Google-fu, I found a recipe on Cybersocks! Yay! This is an awesome resource for sock knitting, and lo and behold they had "A Reverse Dutch Heel by Denise Powell". Thank you Denise Powell, you made my day!

C#2 needs a second pair of socks and his are the guinea pig square heel socks...wish me luck and some heel-fu, too.


Batty said...

When my sister had surgery, I knit her some heelless bed socks. They're from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. No heel... and they fit wonderfully. Also, they were easy to pull on for someone whose hip had been cut in 3 places -- you know how sock heels can snag on your foot, and I didn't want that to happen. So... there's nothing wrong with the heelless sock.

Marcy said...

What is it about that heel that you like?

Fujiyamamama said...

The heels were nice and narrow and snug, and square and neat. I don't know, they just seemed just right.