Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Knitting

Mittens for A. and L.

This might seem like the beginning of a project, but no, not really. I love to make mittens embellished with all kinds of things. I used to make them all the time for kid birthday gifts. My mittens were in demand, and everyone used to want me to make them for them. The creative process for them was very time consuming, add some procrastination in there and slow knitting, and pretty soon it just ground to a halt.

I had not made any of "my" mittens in quite a long time, but I promised, PROMISED, to make them for adorable and sweet A. & L. Poor girls have waited years. The perfect opportunity for an inflexible deadline came up and I knew I had to make them now or that by the time I'd get around to it I'd have to make wedding shawls rather than some little fun mittens.

I have to have an idea and a picture in my head of what I want the finished object to look like, otherwise I can't really start. I have to play with the colors, images and ideas, but I need a clear image in my head or I can't even start to think about the knitting. That pile of stuff up there is the beginning of the knitting which was complicated by the fact that my sketchbook was nowhere to be found. Grrr. I found an old swatch, and based my numbers on that, but I think the swatch lied. Of course, after the first pair was complete I found my sketchbook. Figures.

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Batty said...

Happy spring mittens, what a great gift to give. It's often cold enough to wear them, at least over here, it is. Except right now. It was 80 degrees yesterday. Crazy.