Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Downtown Today

I used to go downtown every day, and then nearly every day for a large part of my life. I loved knowing where to go, and how to plan my route to maximize my errand running, and the people watching.

I had to go downtown today, so I hopped on the train and enjoyed not having to drive, park and pay through the nose for doing so.

First stop, the post office, there was a loud conversation going on behind me with a postal worker trying to explain something to a man from another country. I took a look at him, and figured out he was Japanese. As I was leaving the post office, he was at the counter and there was major confusion. So I stepped in and helped him out. We chatted a little, but oh my, my Japanese is so rusty!

After that I went to city hall to get a sticker for my car. The line was unbelievable, but fast moving. I knit and looked at the lovely mosaic tiles in the ceiling and chatted with the guy ahead of me in line.

I called my friend H, and we met up and ended up doing something we hadn't done together for about 20+ years. We went thrifting. It was great!

My day was nothing like I had planned, and it was fun and relaxed. I got to be around a bunch of very diverse people and in a different environment. It was great! I really love my city. I'm glad my day allowed me to appreciate it.

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Brenda said...

I love those type of days, the ones that don't go as you plan but are filled with pleasant experiences.