Friday, September 10, 2010

The Branch and the Pole and the Drama

Here are some photos of last Saturday's branch and utility pole drama.
It's funny how quiet and calm it looks in photos.

Here is a view of the broken branch resting on the wires. You can see the pole leaning over, pulling away from the building. When we first saw this, there was quite a bit of smoke and embers.

This is a better view of the pole, which cracked off at the bottom.

The pole and the tree...

Aha! There is the the spot that had been hit by lightning in the spring - it is charred, and then the branch was weakened and broke.

Chicago's finest kept us safe with this lovely yellow tape.

My first truck full of heroes. I didn't photograph them in progress because I didn't want to distract them with flashes. They were awesome and very interesting to watch.

My second truck full of heroes - and whoa! they were goooood looking! They were super awesome, fast, and very nice. Thanks guys! Come back again anytime, just take your shirts off, okay?

All better, and there's the stump of the branch. The rest of it is in our very unpleasant neighbor's yard.

The magical brace that made everything okay again.

The end.

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