Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Next?

Excuse me, do I have a curse stuck in my teeth?

Okay. Let's make a list of this summer's mishaps.

Not necessarily in order.

  • Cracking plaster on the interior.
  • Cat pee.
  • Broken sewer line.
  • C#2 needs a root canal. And braces. And extractions.
  • Cat pee.
  • Gaping hole in wall.
  • Furniture and stuff everywhere to accommodate all interior work.
  • Computer crashed, lost all of my old emails.
  • Cat with bladder stone, poor Cupcake! That explains the cat pee!
  • Hole in the ground along the foundation.
  • Air conditioner only works in 70% of rooms.
  • Plaster repair.
  • Masonry crud and grit everywhere.
  • Had to remove all furniture from bedroom, sleeping on sofa - for a couple of weeks!
  • Plaster dust everywhere.
  • Computer $@#% again!!!
  • D. made bacon, and when I started the kettle for tea, the paper towel under the bacon caught fire.
  • Smelled smoke, assumed it was paper towels.
  • Heard firefighters in front of house, and discovered neighbor's tree had a branch on fire because it was pulling the electrical wires right next to our house!
  • Utility pole was at a 30 degree angle, with smoke and sparks.
  • Large pop! and lost electricity for the whole day.

...and the thing is...this is not even everything.

Oh, well.

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