Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moving Right a Snail's Pace

Construction continues...
Plasterer and plasteree.
Windows 2010

Window 1
Hard at work on a hard to work on house.

Window installation complete!
A bit of dust.
Looks nice!
Bob and Window 2 on the way!
Bob and Tony on the scaffold - look at the lovely plasterwork!
Yes Tony, I'm still taking photos.
How do you make a window fit in that?
Bob working, Tony hamming.
Installation complete!

 Having a bit of difficulty getting things in the right places with the new image downloads, so things are a bit off. I give up right now.


Marcy said...

The windows look great!!!

A :-) said...

Wow - I be you will be so happy when this work is really and truly finished - and your heating bill will be a lot less :-) Construction always seems to take longer than you think it will. It looks beautiful :-)