Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fujima Recital Prep

This is K.-san, she makes everything better, and is a wonderful, wonderful person.

The stage crew. These guys are awesome, and we are thankful for their help every year.

They are building the "house" for the set of one of the dances.

Backstage. Make-up, hair, prep for wigs - it all happens here.

Some of the small props for the dances.

Waiting to be dressed, M. and S., who did an amazing job.

Little Y. and his mom is doing his make-up. She is a professional and has performed at the National Theatre in Japan.

K. She performed a male role and did great.

E., she had her hair done by O.-san rather than have to wear a wig.

Getting the head cover on, it has to go on before the make up, and has to be tight to hold in the hair.

Some more small props.

Just an assortment of photos from the recital. I run around like mad all day putting out fires and getting thing where they belong and helping out wherever necessary. We had a great crew, and the dancers were wonderful, and as usual we were thrilled when it was over.

I have no photos of the dances, because I am busy when they are dancing, and can't distract them from the side of the stage with a flash. I may ask K.-san for some photos because the costumes are really beautiful.



Batty said...

Wow, that's amazing! And you can totally tell the woman doing the makeup is a professional. What an incredible job all around.

jpknits said...

How excellent. I so enjoyed coming - when was that? Almost a couple years ago. I have to come back for another performance. So glad the event went so well.