Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Green Mitts

Crystal Palace Kaya, Funky Chunky Mitts by Lindsey Williard
I needed a quick knit for a gift to someone at C#1's school who has been very helpful and supportive. I knit these quickly, since I didn't make a thumb, but then I realized the buttonhole thumb opening needed some reinforcing. So they sat. They're still here. I have to photograph an accompanying pair of mittens that will go to another wonderful person. Those are complete, but in need of photos.

Construction is over for now. I have a bed, new windows, a nicely painted room and now 2 clean and reorganized rooms. Yay! The dust is awful, but both of the C's helped out by dusting. 


Batty said...

Those look really warm. And I like the green. It's one of my favorite colors to buy yarn in -- now I just have to knit it up.

A :-) said...

Those look perfect! What a great project :-) My current favorite mitts are the ones modified from the Irish Hiking Scarf. I think I've made a million of them :-D