Friday, January 20, 2012

Cuz Mittens Because

I have an awesome cousin. One of his children likes purple and these mittens are for her.

They are based on Beth Brown Reinsel's Morning Glory mittens which was a kit offered by the now defunct Dye Dreams. The yarn in the kit is really lovely, and very nice to knit with - I wish I had more of this yarn!
I didn't think the Morning glory suited my cousin's daughter. I love stripes, and I thought the cuff was adorable and so this is what came of these mittens. They are not twined, just stranded since I couldn't remember how to twine knit and I was trying to get these done quickly. Well, we all know I am not the fastest knitter anyhow, so at least they were finished this winter.

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A :-) said...

You are so awesome at colorwork!