Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Day at The Fold

I was invited by the A. and L. to joinm them in their annual New Year's Day excursion out to The Fold sale in Marengo, IL. Nope, not in Chicago, and not even the suburbs. It's way out there and worth every single second that it takes to get there. The place is incredible!
The driveway was full of cars. We parked on the road.
Main entrance, seems pretty low key - looks can be deceiving!
Sale yarn and books in the garage. No, I didn't take photos inside - there was NO ROOM! It was jam packed with yarn, books, and shoppers.
Just inside the door of the shop, to the right of the door.
Straight ahead, showing part of the line.
To the left from the door.
Heading into dangerous territory here, Socks that Rock on the right. Madeline Tosh and more Socks that Rock on the left
Socks that Rock. Droooool.
More sock yarn, and needles and books.
More sock yarn and some mohair.
Part of the line to check out. I couldn't get the whole line in.
Just one shelf of some roving. That's JUST ONE of the MANY shelves of roving!
This stuff, oooooohhhhhh, it was like putting your hand in what you would imagine a cloud could feel like. Hey! I see my cowboy boot there at the top!

Toni, the amazing owner of The Fold.
More roving.
Someone's great sweater, I loved it! Nope, not handknit, it was storebought.
Some nice handmade soaps.
Food! A nice buffet, and refreshments. Toni opened up her home for shoppers to snack and hang out.

Just so you know, this is NOT the entire shop. It was crazy in there! I could barely make it back toward the worsted weight. This is just a sample of what The Fold has, and actually what makes the place so incredible is Toni. She was so warm and welcoming, and I think she knew every single person that walked in her door. This place is well worth a visit, but you've got to take your time there, there is just so much to see!

Oh, what did I buy? Um, well, some Socks that Rock called my name, and I was perfectly happy with just that until someone introduced me to some Madeline Tosh. 
I mean look at that place, I showed considerable restraint you know!
Okay, photos later. Maybe.
Happy New Year!


Handmade by Stefanie said...

That looks like a really dangerous place to go! Thanks for sharing...I will consider myself warned!

mkonieczki said...

WHOA! I'm definitely going to have to pencil in this event for next year! An hour seems a reasonable distance to travel for fantastic deals on yarn!

A :-) said...

So glad you came with us!! What a great day we had :-)

mary jane said...

Holy Cow! Danger Zone...with such an unassuming entrance.