Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Used to be Cool, Who?

Yep. I used to be cool.
I have been to hundreds of concerts, and had lots of fun and some amazing experiences. 
I had a chance to experience it again recently, it made me nostalgic
and allowed me to reminisce fondly.
The Who
Quadrophenia tour
Stage right set up for tea. The chamomile is for Roger Daltrey.
Roger Daltrey & Simon Townshend's guitars. I sat on the taller of the 2 stools for the show.
A closer look at some of the guitars...
A view from stage right during the sound check.
Simon and Roger onstage, the show is starting...
Show time!
Can't not show Pete Townshend's guitars!
Another view of Pete Townshend's guitars, including the acoustic guitars.

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A :-) said...

Look at you, you Rock Star! All Access pass!