Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Mochitsuki or making mochi. 
A traditional Japanese New Year's activity and food.

Mochi has gained in popularity due to mochi ice cream. The mochi is the glutinous rice covering the ice cream. The rice is a special variety - not just your basic Uncle Ben's but a special glutinous and very sticky rice - 
that's why my friend S. compares eating mochi to what eating glue sticks would be like.

This is how mochi is traditionally made:

Steamed rice is placed in the mortar and smashed in. The rice is really hot - see all the steam? 
More smashing, more steam.
Once the rice is ready, and can handle the swinging of the pestles without flying out of the mortar
the real smashing begins!
Each group establishes a rhythm for pounding efficiently - and hopefully no one gets hurt!

Finished and formed mochi, some of it filled with anko - sweet bean paste.
Mochi  photobomb!

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