Monday, March 25, 2013

Mehndi for Me!

I have always wanted to try Mehndi, the Indian tradition of applying henna
in a decorative pattern on the hands and or feet. I was invited to an Indian themed event and thought it was the perfect opportunity!

I went to a beauty salon, at the recommendation of Helen, and picked out a design. I really wanted the decoration to extend to my fingers, and include my wrists.

Pretty, but not quite what I wanted.
During the application. It was fascinating!

Completely dry, left hand.
Dry right hand, and Ollie kitty looking for love.
I assumed the henna would just fade away, and was surprised that it actually kind of cracks off. It is 5 days after the fact and now my hands are pretty clear although there are still bits on my fingertips (I did scrub my hands, they felt a bit rough and dry). My wrists are faded but the designs are clearly visible.


A :-) said...

LOVE henna! I get some every summer at the Ren Faire. If you treat it gently, it will last for at least a couple of weeks!

Your designs are beautiful :-)

ifdefelseif said...

Very beautiful! I've only had it done once--in an Indian village. I lived in India for a couple of years in high school. My Hindi teacher took us to his village and they braided my hair and henna'ed my hands. It wasn't as intricate as your design though. :-)