Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gossamer Stars Scarf

I have finished T's scarf! Yay! My "Sweater Club" pals and I did a Knit-for-each-other-along, knitting Kat Coyle's Gossamer Stars scarf for each other. We bought our own yarn, and I knit T's, she is knitting B's, and B is knitting mine. We all chose different colors of Hempton, which was really very nice to knit with. It had a bit of give, unlike some cotton yarns, and when I wove in the ends, there was enough "stickiness" so that the ends didn't pop out the way they can with cotton. I ran it through the washing machine and dryer, and it was fine. The pattern will require blocking, though, otherwise it doesn't look very nice.

Maybe it's time for some wires?
I sprayed it with water and gave it some steam with the iron.

Rosey is checking it out, and making sure there is a flattering photo of her on the blog.



Marcy said...

Beautiful! I can hardly wait to see what yours looks like too!

A Crafty Lawyer said...

That's really nice! I love that pattern -- hope to get around to trying it one day.