Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Just finished another Unoriginal Hat, for L this time. I messed up the row count, and I had already frogged this thing so many times, I just gave up and got it done. So there!

Next up, C#2 seems to have outgrown last year's hat, and requested a new one. The problem is C#2 is VERY picky about his clothing. So, his red hat has to have 2 rows of Argyle, not one but, two. Not too small, not too big either. I have started it, but I am not looking forward to it.

I also finished knitting a sock for my knitting guild "Secret Sock Swap". It's very clever, you put your sock yarn and a note with your shoe size in an opaque bag and someone chooses it. Then using the sock yarn in the bag you find a free knitting pattern and knit one sock, and at the December meeting socks and recipients are matched. I'm sworn to secrecy about the sock I knit, so I'll have to post later. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I am dying to cast on and knit the Fairly Easy Fair Isle for myself, but Aunt G's mohair sweater must come first. I think. I know. I should.

P.S. Camera battery has died, waiting for a new one. No photos until then.


Marcy said...

The sock game sounds like fun, but do you end up with one sock or two?

Fujiyamamama said...

Some people knit a pair if the yarn is included, some only knit one. I didn't make it to the meeting because the weather is terrible and the streets are worse. Daley has cut back on plowing AND salting.