Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have made some progress. I have turned the heel in C#1's sock that I didn't feel like calculating the numbers for - it looks like crap, but it's a sock for a boy and I'm pretty sure he won't notice a couple of wonky stitches - unless he can feel them - not a big deal.

Next, I finally took my Fairly Easy Fair Isle of the needles to check the measurements. Hurrah! Good to go. Now I've got a bunch of mindless stockinette to do and then figure out some waist shaping. Not a big deal either, and I'm in need of some mindless knitting since I seem to have lost my mind - and my Knitters Almanac which is nowhere to be found.

Photos later, it is a very dreary, dark and rainy day. Photos are here! and if I knew how to put a line through the previous words I would, so just use your imagination to cover for my ineptitude. Thanks.

Uh-oh this post is being interrupted by an emergency surgery! Gotta go!

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