Friday, March 20, 2009

On the Needles Now...

1. Mohair. Aunt G.'s blue mohair sweater.

Still on sleeve #1. Don't ask.

I will say this though, mohair is really lovely, light and very warm. We used to have a mohair throw when I was a kid, and being a kid I didn't quite get how great it was. As I'm knitting this sweater, I keep thinking that a mohair afghan would be just lovely, and perfect for snuggling under when it's cold.

2. Fairly Easy Fair isle

Made some progress, but see the name of this sweater? I should be done now. What's my problem?

3. Socks for C#1

Nearly done with sock #1, simple toe up 2x2 rib. They look too big, but that's okay, I know his feet will catch up.

4. Socks for D.

Sock #1 done. He's an ingrate, he can wait.

5. I'm sure there's more, but by the look of things, don't you think I should just go get something done already?

Help, I have inertia and I can't get up!


Barb said...

It's the mohair. It's infecting the rest of your knitting. You must either finish that project ASAP, or abandon it entirely to exorcise its influence....

Marcy said...

I think you should start some MORE instead of just finishing. Cast on!