Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Highlights from Portland but not Sock Summit, yet.

I stayed with my cousin G. I love him like a brother, he is so sweet and isn't he handsome?! The mirror behind us came from our grandfather, Big G. who passed away 20years ago in March. Now G.'s dad has become Big G. We talk about our family a lot, we love most of them but some of them drive us nuts. His partner D. is wonderful and funny, and I enjoyed the time getting to know him better.

The morning I left G. baked huckleberry and blackberry mini pies and tarts. I love blackberry pie! It was funny because there were 3 flavors, and G., D., and I each picked a different one. Good news for the next get together, we'll each have our own fave flavor and our own pies (hint, hint).

Here is my greeting committee. Sam and Kato. They look so cute and innocent...but...

they thought my yarn needed some re-winding.

It wasn't too bad, and it did crack me up.

Next up:
I'll try, but how to write about Sock Summit?

I had so much fun, and enjoyed the Sock Summit so much I don't think I could even begin to describe it.

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Marcy said...

Fun fun! It's nice to be so close to your cousin!
I notice your welcoming committee is pets, not boys.