Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bohus Stickning Wristlet

I took this class at Stitches Midwest with Susanna Hansson, who is a fabulous teacher, and I fell in love with Bohus designs. The sweaters are just lovely, and even though the charts can be challenging, they are not really difficult as long as you pay attention. I love the fudge factor in the patterns, add a stitch here, take one out there... the gauge is small enough so that it doesn't change the size by enough.

The Blue Shimmer pattern had 5 colors total, and the chart had some stitches knit in stockinette, and some in purl. The purl bumps add so much to the designs, the charts in plain stockinette are interesting, but with some of the stitches purled they really pop and have so much more texture.

The yarn is a blend of very fine wool and angora. Even though I tend to dislike angora since a lot of commercial sweaters seem to use just enough angora to make the sweater seem soft, later it proves to be just the right amount for an inordinate amount of pilling, this yarn was luscious. Even the samples of old sweaters weren't pilled and still looked lovely and soft.

I was on a mission, and I decided that I was going to finish my wristlet that day, otherwise if it hit the UFO pile once it got home, well, who knows when it would be completed.

Here she is:

Susanna dubbed our row "the speed demon row" since all three of us seemed to be zipping along, ... if she only knew

...don't tell her about the mohair thing, okay?


Marcy said...

So pretty!
Now I want to look at some Bohus patterns...

Fujiyamamama said...

Yes, you do! They are really beautiful.