Friday, September 25, 2009


Drive me crazy. I always get stuck on them and have to put my sock in time out until I can sort out the idea of the heels in my head. Completely lacking in confidence and in need of more practice.

I took a Sock Heel class at Sock Summit with Heather Ordover. She showed us some great heels with different fits, but the one I really liked was this fabulous square heel and it fit me quite well. The problem is, I knit toe up and the pattern wasn't.

Math drama. Crud.

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Barb said...

PGR's short-row heel is the only one I do on socks for myself, and I'm ready to not bother with any other style. Even with the ones that look really cool! OK, maybe I'll try some of Cat Bordhi's. Then I'll have something new to complain about.