Friday, July 30, 2010


I have a Facebook account. I don't post often. I don't chat at all anymore. I considered quitting when all the privacy hoopla was going on because I really don't appreciate having my information being used without my permission.

I decided to keep my Facebook account, because it is fun hearing from old friends, and having an inkling about what they are up to these days. Life is busy for everyone and it makes me feel a bit more connected and vaguely social.

Then I got a message from someone from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in my past.

Here's the back story:

My high school English teacher, Mr. Waldman, was a very interesting man and quite well traveled. One day I was sitting at his desk and I saw a piece of paper with an address from Turkey on it. I asked about it and he said to write to the guy, he'd been Mr. W.'s waiter and wanted a pen pal. Okay, I did. We wrote a bit back and forth, and then we stopped writing and carried on with life.

He found me on Facebook!

I guess that's why it is worth keeping.


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