Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Really Finished

Yep. Buttonband and all, yes, including buttons.

Thanks to B. who harassed me into just finishing the ridiculously small amount of knitting that remained.

It turned out pretty nicely, I love the colors. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, Avondale, alternated between skeins of same dye lot - they were mill ends and very different.
This is great yarn for baby projects because it is machine washable and quite soft. The buttons were from my the stash of buttons from my MIL.

I decided to not put my tag in the sweater, in case baby turns out to not like things like tags. I stuck it on a card with an extra button, and a small bit of yarn, and washing instructions.

Now onto the next couple of baby sweaters I've got to knit!


Marcy said...

beautiful! Such a lucky baby!

Nancy McCarroll said...

You did a great job! Very professional looking.

mkonieczki said...

It's adorable! YAY for FOs! I really like the way the color turned out with your alteration between strands! Great idea!

Brenda said...

It is just lovely!