Monday, April 18, 2011

Stephenson County Fiber Fest

 The Stephenson County Fiber Festival in Cedarville, IL was the first fiber fest I ever attended. It's a lovely little fiber fest with a nice variety, and it's not super crowded or overwhelming. The event is run by the Moonspinners and they have made this such a nice event.

Spinning everywhere

A variety of spinning tools, and spinners.

Lovely, soft fleece for sale.

A variety of items for sale, including 2 adorable antique spinning wheels, and a loom.
Isn't that lovely?
I love when the yarn label tells me the name of the sheep it came from!
More lovely fleece, looking at these just makes me want to learn to spin - almost.
Some beautiful laceweight being spun on an antique wheel.
A better look at the wheel. It looks so Rumpelstiltskin to me.
This was really fun, she was weaving a rug on a hula hoop, with loops of t-shirt fabric.

They thought of everything to keep everyone contented- and yes, it was occupied.
I felted some soap. Just getting started here.
A flower, I'm sure my kids will appreciate my artistic intent...not really.
Here's my friend B. being the felted soap spokesmodel.

Tadaa, ready for felting.
Here I go, felting!
B. and her felted soap. The baggies were genius, made it very easy and easy to transport.

Couldn't resist, it just looks like fun!


Brenda said...

Joan, I had such a fun time at the fair with you. Great photos!

A :-) said...

This happened while I was away overseas, but man, it looks like big fun!! I hope I can go next year :-)