Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tall Grass Fiber Jubilee Road Trip

I went on a road trip to the Tall Grass Farm Fiber Jubilee in Delavan Wisconsin.

I love this little fiber fest, it is really cozy and intimate. You watch the angora goats (they produce mohair) being shorn by the master shearer, close enough and quiet enough to ask questions and hear his commentary.

I ran into some of the Windy City Knitting Guild board members.

Isn't that a cute barn? I love the hex on it.

Shopping and food in here! They make the best mohair blankets, yes, I bought another one.
The view from the road. I wasn't leaving yet, just loading up some purchases and walking back.
Goats with haircuts.

Llama looking around at all the commotion.
Next victims of the master shearer.

The shearing station.
Special wool shearing moccasins, and wool pants.


Shearing in action.
Not a very happy goat.

Very unhappy and vocal goat.


Get me out of here!

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Anonymous said...

Love the Fiber Jubilee, but didn't go this year.